Quality Policy Statement

The Safe and Professional Performance of the shipboard workforce has and always been the main and consistent concern of. all shipping entities. The Protect Marine Deck and Engine Officers of the Phils. Inc. believes these do not just happen by chance. It is the result of thorough training, hands-on participation, competent instruction, acquisition of skills and basic support knowledge.

The Protect Marine offers solutions to these concerns, it aims to use the most modern equipment for this purpose and incorporate an Evaluation and Assessment at the end of every training to accurately gauge the performance of its trainees. This brings the significance of training effort conducted beforehand and concluded by a planned Evaluation and Assessment. The measurement of the effectiveness of training is an integral part of the training system used by Protect Marine. The organization believes that certification requires a certain basis for its award and a measure of the trainees learned skills.

The Protect Marine takes a responsible role in maritime training ascertaining the effectiveness of each training both to the trainees and their companies.

The center aims to be a Provider of Quality Training to seafarers with the maximum use of simulators according to prevailing national and international standards.

It has complied and documented all its work processes and procedures with the work function and descriptions of all its personnel; all arranged and planned to fulfill the set quality objectives and policies.

The training regime is structured according to these documented and planned processes and procedures. All towards the Acquisition of Skills and the final Achievement of Competence in the workplace both afloat and shore personnel of each customers.

As the organization implements each quality policy and follows the documented quality processes and procedures in our manuals, I invite all the personnel of the company to read, understand and actively participate to achieve the set quality objectives of the company.

The management shares the common visions of the center and fully supports all its activities related to maritime training and corresponding evaluation and assessment segment.

We hereby commit all the resources of the company to accomplish all work quality operations to finally contribute to the Safe and Professional Performance of shipboard work functions of seafarers.

Antonino R. Gascon, Jr.
President / General Manager